Privacy Policies – Your apps are reading your text messages!

As Emerging Media 619 draws to a close, I hope you have found Drowning in Emerging media informative and a little eye opening. But before I sign off of this chapter, let’s take a minute to address the security of your data.

By now, we all know the internet is not private. And big data is being collected all the time. One big data pipeline are smartphones. Have you ever taken a minute to read those privacy agreements before agreeing to them? No?

Here are links to a few the major privacy policies: (take a minute or 10 to read a few)







Some applications consent to allow collections of social media posts, text messaging, email, camera roll, just to name a few.


At the moment there are not major regulations on data collection to protect consumers. Bills and regulations are in the pipeline and are being examined however none have been enacted to date.


Looking back on the key points of the last 9 weeks:

Emerging Media is not just social media

Parents – Marketers know your kids and know how your rights – teach your kids about marketing and know your rights within COPPA

Marketers – listen to your consumers when it comes to customer service, whether it be by survey or social media. It’s the little things that will keep your customers on the hook.

Don’t be a petextrian & avoid nomophobia! If the average human attention is now 8 seconds. What will it be in 10 years?

Nothing on the Internet or mobile is private. Everything is being tracked by someone somewhere.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: As the Internet of Things evolve do you think society will become more intelligent? Will society become lazy? Or will it be an evolution of retraining how society thinks? A new normal so to speak.


One thought on “Privacy Policies – Your apps are reading your text messages!

  1. I hope I don’t become a petextrian but I’m sure I’m already on the way there. It is interesting to see what the future will hold for us. I’m afraid it will be a mix regarding your questions – this is where select groups in society will be enlightened by the use of IoT, and other groups will become very, very lazy. I guess only time will tell.


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