Augmented Reality: Taking it to the Next Level

HARVEST The reality of the future? You bet. At one time, we thought augmented reality was only for sci-fi movies. Not anymore. It is the reality now and definitely more of a reality in the future. So what is Augmented Reality? A good definition by “Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with live video or the user’s environment in real time. Basically, AR takes an existing picture and blends new information into it.”

And it is not just Google Glass!


lego augmentedIn a previous blog post, “Marketing and your kids. Mom, I need this!” we talked about the “nag” factor. When kids nag their parents so much the parents eventually give in and purchase the item. Lego has a device that takes the “nag factor” to a new level using an AR strategy.

In their stores, Lego has a box that looks like a regular screen, however when you put box of Lego’s n front of the screen, an entire new reality is revealed.   The contents come to life on top of the box within the screen showing a 3d image of what the finished product will look like.

Giving an entirely new meaning to Mom, I need this!


ikea-augmented-reality-appIKEA recently started using augmented reality with the catalogs. First, you must download the app! After the app if downloaded IKEA products in their catalogs comes to life. Demonstrating products on your smartphone or tablet by opening drawers and cabinets. So you have played with it in the app and now you like it but are not sure if it will fit. Oh contraire. Just scan the item with the app and it will place the item in your room overlaying it using your device camera.


AR2Just think when you go down the street looking for a restaurant, you will just hold up you phone and little blips of information will appear showing you locations of stores and even discounts and specials.

Blipper is an app that is quickly evolving and bringing everyday things to life.

According to Blippar’s Lisa Hu, AR has been predicted to be one of the fastest-growing markets globally over the next five years, and Blipper itself has over 50 million global users. Compare that to growing social tools and services like Vine (40 million) and Pinterest (70 million), and it’s clear that augmented is set to become a permanent fixture in the digital marketing landscape.

 What do you think? The future or just hype?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: We already see people walking randomly into things while texting. This actually just about happened the other night at big box store. A gentleman was walking and looking down at his phone, we were trying to park, and we actually had to swerve out of his way for him not to walk into the side of our vehicle (partially in a parking space). Secretly, I was thinking grab your phone and video this man walking into the side of the vehicle. So do you think location based augmented reality apps will make this attention issue a bigger problem? Will it be a hazard if used while walking down the street?


3 thoughts on “Augmented Reality: Taking it to the Next Level

  1. It’s funny you say that, Facebook just brought a flashback up from when Siri was first introduced. My husband said exactly that, “we are all going to end up like the people on Wall-E.”


  2. However AR doesn’t rely on wearable technology (e.g.Google Glass) – and considering the millions who’ve opted for Lasik, it’s hard to imagine people embracing a constant need to wear special eyewear. Even if the cost of Google Glass was more accessible, the fashion faux pas of unchic fashion is a major hurdle – not to mention something blocking your range of sight. That’s why there’s more to AR than just wearable devices.


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