Before Feeling… Ranting… and Sharing on Social Media consider this…  Customer Service is Going Social


To hit send or not, that is the ultimate question. Every day consumers are bombarded with emotion and feelings on social media. I like this, I feel that, I am mad because.., everyone has done it at one point or another. The question becomes when is enough, enough? Especially when it comes to brand engagement. But first let’s take a look at social media on a personal level. Before hitting send ask yourself these questions.

Would I say this to someone in person?

Am I posting something instead of doing something?

Will what I am posting cause hostility or make a situation worse?

Will the post add something positive to the situation and/or conversation?

All too often social media becomes an outlet for frustration and negative expression.

How does that apply to marketing? The guidelines would apply from business perspective as well. When a customer posts a negative comment or shares a bad experience to your social media channels.

Your response is just and important as confronting or fixing the initial problem.

It’s not personal. It’s business. – Jordan Rose of Digital Driven Media

Respond quickly but effectively, don’t rant or complain. Listen to what is being said. Before posting read the responses if any, often if the comment is not truly not justified your fans will take of the comment without needing a direct response.

To create brand loyalty, brands needs to be transparent, if you messed up own it – fix it.

Coca-Cola does a great job at responding to their customer complaint on their Twitter feeds.

“Being able to respond and engage even to casual or non-obvious mentions of your brand provides opportunities to surprise and delight

Coca-Cola uses the following great strategy: Listen – Analyze – Engage



Suppose you are social media marketing manager of a well-known food chain with a strong and loyal fan base and you receive this message via social media with a video/picture. What would you do?

@POPULAR FOOD CHAIN – I was in your San Antonio location today and found a cockroach in my food. I am sharing this with all of my friends.


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